Friday, 13 August 2010

Film: Splice

Interesting creature feature from the Director of cult movie Cube.
Two scientists create a creature from the DNA of numerous different animals and use it for medical research. When they are told they cannot use human DNA in their latest creation they decide to go ahead and do it anyway.
When the creature, Dren, is born she is spirited away and kept in hiding as she rapidly matures.
I then expected some sort of monster on the rampage film but this is not the case. What we have is a study of Dren's strange relationship with her "parents" played by The Pianist himself, Adrien Brody, and Sarah Polley.
It's a fine entry into the genre but it does take it's time to get to the point.
Thought provoking but not suitable accompaniment for a six pack.
Ric's Rating: 67%


  1. I thought it was well done and certainly thought provoking. Splice will effectively get under your skin. Difficult to say I liked it though, and I'll probably not watch it again.

  2. It is a weird one Alex but I reckon it deserves a second viewing.

    Trying not to give anything away to anyone who hasn't saw it but I couldn't help laugh along with the rest of the audience at a rather inappropriate, caught red handed moment.


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