Wednesday 9 December 2009

DVD: Star Trek

This all new version of the adventures of the USS Enterprise ticks all the right boxes.

Starting with a spectacular space shoot out the action doesn't let up as we then move on to join Kirk and Spock as young guys trying to find their way.

The story, a slightly confusing time travel tale, eventually brings them together as they and the crew, including new portrayals of all the old favourites, set off to do battle with a foe from Spock's future, an unrecognisable Eric Bana.

Future Spock is of course played by the indomitable Leonard Nimoy and he adds a fantastic nostalgic feeling to the film while being completely relevant to the story.

Zachary Quinto (Heroes) is also great as young Spock and the chemistry between him and Kirk (Chris Pine) is every bit as good as the original pairing of Nimoy & Shatner.

Amazing action scenes, good script, and great performances make this a serious contender for Film Of The Year although a few points are lost for the time travel confusion.

Rick's Rating: 90%

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