Sunday 29 January 2012

Film: The Grey

Liam Neeson (Taken) leads a group of plane crash survivors on a journey for survival across a frozen wilderness with a pack of hungry wolves in pursuit.

The survivors are all members of an oil drilling crew, men on the fringes of society with their own reasons for spending so much time away from home.

Providing the perfect blend of emotion and excitement this adventure movie features some strong performances. Neeson is as reliable as ever and excellent support comes from Frank Grillo (Warrior) and Dermot Mulroney (Young Guns). The men struggle to get along while traversing the hazardous terrain but must learn to work together if they are to survive.

They don't all make it, there are some jump-out-your-skin deaths and some very moving moments, all of which combine to make this the first must-see movie of 2012.

The Grey is in UK cinemas now.

Ric's Rating: 88%


  1. I saw it this weekend and thought it was excellent. Much less action that touted in the trailer and very somber. But very tense and I liked the slow reveal of clues about Neeson's character.

  2. Sorry guys, I went last night and nearly fell asleep, wife loved it though

  3. It's no action-fest guys. Looks like that worked for myself & Alex but didn't for Tom. Anyone else seen it?

  4. Naw. Was thinking I'd save this for DVD. I've heard so many wildlife docs assert that wolves never hunt humans that when I heard about this I wasn't sure I could suspend disbelief long enough. I'd be sitting there in the cinema with my pompous heid on and mumbling, that would never happen - over and over again.

  5. Hey there!
    I haven't been getting your email notifications lately. I have no idea why, but I just got one today out of the blue. Perfect timing.
    My wife and I are camped less than 100 yards from the California Wolf Center. We go to sleep and wake up to the howling of about 50 wolves. My wife says they sound cute. Me, not so much!
    I really want to see this movie! Thanks for the review...

  6. Just roll with it Michael (and ignore the dodgy close-ups of the wolves) it's entertaining stuff.
    Pat, nice to hear from you. The camping sounds fantastic. Hope you enjoy the film.

  7. Second strong praise I see for THE GREY today. How interesting. I'll make sure to make a trip to the teather for this one. I've always been on the fence about Liam Neeson's action hero renaissance. TAKEN had literally one good scene. But I like the guy. He has that old school I'm-not-on-steroids-and-cosmetic-surgery appeal. If this can tip the scale in his favor, I'll give it a try.

  8. I agree about Neeson,nowadays he reminds me of Clint Eastwood. I enjoyed Taken and I'm sure I read somewhere that they intend to do a sequel.

  9. This was a solid drama-thriller. Liam Neeson put in his usual great performance.

  10. Great review Ricky. Neeson is out-standing here and gives probably one of his best performances that we have seen from him in a very long time. The rest of the film also works because there’s not only this certain paranoia going on but even when the “action” comes, it’s tense, brutal, and surprising. Best film of the year so far even though that’s definitely not saying much. Check out my review when you get the chance.

  11. Cheers Ty.

    Will check your review asap Dan.


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