Monday 24 January 2011

Film: I Spit On Your Grave

Spolier Alert: Impossible to review this one without some slight spoilers but if you’ve heard of the original you already know the story.

Re-make of the 1978 video nasty in which the victim of a brutal rape exacts horrific revenge on her attackers.

Writer Jennifer Hills (Sarah Butler) visits a remote cabin for inspiration for her next novel and encounters a group of sexually frustrated local yokels.

The attack that takes place is drawn out in a horrendously long scene that’s a struggle to sit through. Each time you think it’s over there is another level of depravity to go.

The same could be said for what happens to the attackers when Hills catches up with them. The methods used to hasten their demise are graphic and disgusting although there are some darkly humorous elements of poetic justice.

This is the type of film that sparks debate. While it can’t be called entertainment (there are plenty of other ways this story could be told) it takes courage of conviction to make a film that depicts violence in it’s ugliest form. The recent re-make of The Last House On The Left (see review elsewhere here) covers similar ground but doesn’t leave you feeling as dirty as this does. Another comparable film is the French movie Irreversible in which Monica Bellucci’s character suffers an attack of such ferocity that scores of audience members got up and walked out.

I’m glad I saw it so that I can have an opinion but it’s not an experience I’d be keen to repeat.

Ric’s Rating: 50% (I’m firmly on the fence).


  1. Finally got around to seeing this.
    The bottom line for me is that, in the end, I want to be entertained.
    Of all the words I would use to describe this flick, such as graphic, demented, violent, etc...entertaining is not one.
    A little to graphic and demented for me.
    I'd give it a D+

  2. Hi Reg,

    Yeah it's hard to watch at times but a certain part of me admires film makers with courage to show violence in it's true ugly form.

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  4. This one is nasty but I liked watching the same. The Brutal Rape stuff is bad and must not happen to anyone

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