Tuesday 10 January 2012

Film: Stay Cool

The old cliché about books and covers comes into play here. Check out the cover. High School chick flick, right? Wrong. What we have here is a whole lot more interesting.

It’s the tale of successful author Henry McCarthy (Mark Polish, who also wrote the film) returning to his High School to deliver a motivational speech to graduates. In order to get into the minds of the teenagers McCarthy decides to spend some time at the school and what follows is a surreal story that takes the 37 year old right back to his own High School days.

All the essential elements of a classic school movie are here, from staying with his parents (where his bedroom still has posters of The Lost Boys), old friends, enemies, teachers and the object of his teenage affections (Winona Ryder).

It all comes together perfectly to create a funny and poignant film that takes one back to their own school days. This is a perfect example of a “little known gem”, it’s the kind of film that doesn’t get a UK cinema release because it has no current major stars and it’s a school film aimed at adults so no mass appeal, such a shame.

The entire cast are fantastic. Mark Polish is perfect as the former geek still looking for love and Winona Ryder (who starred in the classic school movie Heathers) is excellent as his long lost sweetheart. Chevy Chase does a cool comedy turn as the principal and Sean Astin (The Lord Of The Rings trilogy) is hilarious as the flamboyant “Big Girl”.

I managed to find another poster that much more accurately depicts the film so I had to post

that too.

Highly recommended for anyone who appreciates the influence that their school days had on their lives , pretty much everyone then.

Stay Cool is released on DVD in the UK on 30th January 2012 courtesy of Metrodome.

Ric’s Rating: 92%


  1. Nice spot, Ricky. This one sounds right up my street.

  2. Hi Michael, I didn't think it'd be half as good as it was.

  3. ah, I remember this one, it was played on our TV even before it was released in USA which is not a good sign :)
    I remember falling asleep a couple of times during the film, and the only things which kept me awake were Duff and Polish, who is for some reason adorkable to me. :)


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