Friday 3 September 2010

Film: Piranha 3D

An underwater tremor opens up a passage which connects to an ancient lake containing pre-historic Piranha.

What you see is what you get from this as countless teens arrive at the lake for spring break only to become dinner for the hungry predator fish.

Gratuitous nudity, blood and flying body parts ensue. The film doesn't take it'self seriously and there are surprisingly decent turns from Kelly Brook as a Wild Wild Girl and the still sexy Elisabeth Shue as a fiesty local sheriff who tries to save her own kids as well as everyone else.

Ving Rhames, Christopher Lloyd and Richard Dreyfuss pop up too.

Undemanding fun and the 3D element adds to it.

Ric's Rating: 68%


  1. Spot on Alex, I shouldn't have liked it but I couldn't help myself.

  2. I kind of sort of wanted to see it someday, until I read your review.

  3. I was pleasantly surprised by the film. I think the cameos of Richard Dreyfuss (the Jaws reference particularly) and Christopher Lloyd helped but the nakedness of most of the female cast was the biggest joy! ;)

  4. Not sure thats good or bad Jac.
    Ha Ha. Good points Dan.


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