Sunday 6 February 2011

Film: Sanctum

James Cameron's name is all over this cave diving adventure but he is only on board as executive producer.
A group of explorers are trapped in a cave system when a Cyclone strikes and must find their way through the underground, and sometimes underwater, maze to survive.
The best thing that this has going for it is the amazing scenery and some vertigo inducing moments, all in nifty 3D.
There is a Father / Son bonding sub-plot but it's all just a bit average and none of the characters really come to life.
This is inspired by a true story which I suspect would make a better documentary than it does adventure movie.
Ric's Rating: 58%


  1. Yeah, Rotten Tomatoes reviews really panned this one, so I skipped it. Perhaps more interesting as a documentary in the IMax?

  2. It wasn't terrible Alex but yeah a documentary would be better.

    IMax is something I haven't yet experienced.

  3. Cheers, Ricky. You do a valuable service here. Saved me the bother. Sounds like its a wait-till-its-on-DVD job.

  4. Wow, the premise of the movie sure sounded good... I think I'll skip it, though.

  5. Thanks Michael, yeah you could do worse on dvd.

    Hi Jennifer, it isn't a too bad, it's watchable, just nothing special.

  6. Stache's Plastic Bag7 February 2011 at 18:59

    I have a bit of a problem with the amount of dross that seems to be getting released in 3-D. I understand that it's a draw for the cinema but the above film seems to be yet another example of style over content. Going to the cinema should be an experience, but twenty quid odds to watch something that looks like it's been written in two minutes? It feels to me like they're having a bit of a laugh at the movie-goers expense. I know that the new 3-D in all it's glory is awesome to behold at first, but I've found I get very used to the objects flying out at me after about half an hour and very soon the stink of the film really starts to hit. Maybe I'm just an old moaning, penny-pinching technophobe, but I like to be entertained by a decent story for my twenty bucks, not just to be slapped about the face with how great the technology is. Dvd was the best, then Blu-Ray, now 3-D TV. Ever get the feeling you're being cheated?...

  7. Zobie Wan Kenobi7 February 2011 at 19:18

    I couldn't disagree more with Stache's Plastic Bag. Me and my mates have loved every 3D film we've ever seen. Avatar was a masterpiece, Final Destination was amazing and we saw Piranha eight times - best film EVER. End of.

  8. Stache,
    3D is box office and that's the bottom line. Whether it will stick around is anyone's guess. If done properly it can be fantastic (Avatar) but when added in to films already made it just looks rather silly (Saw 7). There will be 3d and 2d versions of Thor in the summer and I'm really not sure what one to go see.
    Zobie, I agree that Piranha was good fun...but best film ever???

  9. I really enjoyed sanctum and thought that there was never a dull moment to be found apart from the lead up to the storm which was monotonous at times. Nevertheless, what lacked in the opening scenes were made up for in the main body. Sticking mainly with the son for the duration of the film made it easy for me to sympathise with him and his on/off relationship with the father. Action was frequent with tension tightly packed into key scenes which added to the movie's credability. A particular gory scene involving a woman from the dive crew was so intense, I noticed 90% of the viewing audience either squirm in their seat or totally divert from the sceen. Additionally, the underground caverns are brought to life in 3D which is well worth the mere add-on price of two pounds. Not the greatest movie on the planet but WELL worth a trip to the cinema. Those who are waiting for the dvd release should rethink as the film will not live up to it's true glory if seen through cheap blue/red 3D glasses.

    - You have been misinformed Rick, as Saw 7 was the first, apart from avatar, film to be shot with Real3D cameras. All other films prior to this were edited in post production as you claim Saw 7 was when infact it was edited into 2D for those who prefer it.
    -You have been very over-critical in this review. You should just relax and forget about critical elements and become immersed in the 3D world which Avatar's Cameron has created rather successfully


  10. I'm glad you enjoyed Sanctum Chad, it just didn't do it for me. The 3d was the highlight. I thought all the characters were pretty dull but as I've said, it isn't the worst movie around.
    Relax? I'm so relaxed I can't be bothered checking what you say about Saw 7 but assuming that it is true they shouldn't have went to the trouble as it didn't pay off.

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