Thursday 26 April 2012

TV Review: The Bridge

Hot on the heels of The Killing this new Scandinavian crime drama arrived on UK screens earlier this week.

A body is discovered on the Oresund Bridge which connects Denmark and Sweden. The corpse has been placed on the border with half in each country leading to a joint investigation.

Heading up the Swedish side is no-nonsense detective Saga Noren, she is partnered by veteran Danish cop Martin Rhode.

The pilot episode mainly concerns an alarming discovery about the body and begins to explore the unlikely alliance between Noren and Rhode but things really kick off in episode two, when the killer’s motives begin to emerge and mysterious characters become involved.

A joint Swedish / Danish production The Bridge has been successful in its native lands so we can probably expect a US remake but I doubt it would be likely to convey the gritty feel that this original has.

Catch this as soon as you can as I have a feeling that this series may just be something special.

The Bridge is currently airing on BBC4 in the UK.

Ric’s Rating: Highly Recommended


  1. Yeah! The scene where the reporter's car was wired - and he was on countdown- that was tense! I'm conflicted about the main female lead. I'm drawn to her, but I can't help feeling they're going for a Lisbeth Salander type of vibe with her. But it was very amusing to have her male colleague suffering from the after effects of a recent vasectomy.

  2. It was a great scene Michael and I think the chemistry between the two lead characters works, especially now we're a few more episodes into it.

    You should check it out Alex.


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