Tuesday 7 February 2012

Book: Blood Tears by Michael J Malone

Glasgow Detective Ray McBain discovers a link to his own past while investigating the murder of a retired caretaker. Determined to catch the killer he keeps his own connection to the victim a secret. Unfortunately superior officers are soon made aware of this and the man doing the investigating finds himself locked up for the murder. Desperate to prove his innocence, McBain escapes and turns to an old friend on the opposite side of the law for help.

McBain is a fascinating character, haunted by a harsh upbringing and latent memories, he has risen to the top of his chosen profession, only to see the accolades of many successes slip away. But is he entirely innocent?
There is an eclectic supporting cast which includes career criminals, conflicted cops, and an old shrew of a Nun, all of whom help or hinder McBain in his quest.

Michael J Malone’s debut crime thriller features the controversial issue of child abuse within the Catholic Church but skilfully manages to avoid over-burdening the reader with a sense of gloom. The energetic pace helps the tale remain entertaining throughout and my home city is thankfully represented positively. The thoughtful descriptions of it’s sprawling Necropolis being a highlight.

A cool new voice in the increasingly popular Scottish crime fiction genre, Malone deserves a place alongside the likes of Stuart MacBride, Alex Grey and Ian Rankin.

Blood Tears is due for release in June 2012 from Five Leaves Publishing and you can visit Michael’s blog, May Contain Nuts, via the link in the “Visit These Places” section on this page.

Ric’s Rating: 82%


  1. Bless your wee cotton socks, Ricky. Thank you. Here's hoping all my reviews are so positive.

  2. A pleasure Michael. Looking forward to the next one already.


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