Saturday, 23 January 2010

TV Show: Steven Seagal: Lawman

In this reality show we join action movie star Steven Seagal as he goes
on patrol with real life cops.

Seagal has supposedly been a serving deputy sheriff for 20 years and has just now decided to make this public. Income from the straight to dvd market can't be so good.

In the three episodes I have caught so far Seagal looks better than he has done in his last few movies, gone is the long leather coat, and he seems very comfortable on camera in some potentially dangerous situations.
At one point a suspect reaches under the seat of his car after announcing that he has a pistol. Up steps Big Steve to unceremoniously wrench the guy from the car and send him sprawling across the street. When things settle down the unfortunate induividual comes to his senses, looks around and whispers to another cop "That's Steven Seagal over there" when the cop tells him it was Seagal that threw him out the car the guy becomes starstruck. From menacing thug to starstruck fan in two minutes, priceless.

Elsewhere we have Seagal and the team helping out with rebuilding houses destroyed by Hurricane Katrina and Seagal and his band (he is an accomplished musician and I happened to catch a gig in Glasgow in 2007 where he put on a great show) performing a charity concert for a local children's hospital.

Far better than any film he has made in the last few years so highly recommended for any Seagal fan or anyone who enjoys any real life cop shows.

Look out for Seagal's return to the big time in the upcoming film Machete in which he stars alongside Robert De Niro.

Rick's Rating: 88%


  1. Will you hold it against me if I say that I LOVE Steven Seagal?! haha. The Lawman sounds amazing :D Though I have to wonder with his recent straight to DVD curse, how in the hell did he wrangle co-starring with de Niro?! Sounds pretty cool though...I'll definitely check it out.

  2. Hi Toni,
    Nice to hear from you.
    Trust me, you are not alone! Seagal still has loads of fans.
    Machete will be directed by Robert Rodriguez who had a hand in From Dusk Till Dawn and Sin City so heres hoping it'll be as good as they were.

  3. This sounds fascinating, Ricky. Where and when is it on?

  4. Hi Michael,
    You can catch it on the Crime & Investigation Network on Tuesdays at 8pm. It also seems to be on Bio on a Friday night. Check for more info.


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