Friday, 25 May 2012

Film: Piggy

Joe (Martin Compston) is a socially awkward guy, someone who prefers his own company to hanging with the crowd. His brother John (Neil Maskell) is the opposite and often persuades Joe to come along to the pub. One such night out has tragic consequences.

Enter Piggy (Paul Anderson), an old friend of John’s who offers to help Joe in his quest for revenge.

Debut director / writer Kieron Hawkes has delivered the best British revenge thriller since Dead Man’s Shoes. Anderson is a revelation as the volatile Piggy and Scotsman Compston does an excellent job, even if the London accent is a bit shaky.

Gritty, violent and somewhat surreal, Piggy will leave you pondering events long after the end credits.

Available on DVD in the UK now.

Ric’s Rating: Highly Recommended.



  1. New dvd release over here Alex.

  2. This looks great, hope it gets a US release.

  3. Yep it's different from other revenge movies. I hope you get to see it.


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