Saturday, 12 May 2012

Book: Scraping The Bone by William Malmborg

The author of Jimmy and Text Message (see reviews elsewhere here) brings us this short story collection comprising of ten disturbing tales.

Highlights include:

Redstone Lake – A couple visit a remote cabin and long forgotten memories re-emerge.

Rest Stop – A woman escaping her abusive husband takes a well earned break. Can things get any worse? You bet they can.

The Other Side – The perils of internet dating, with a twist

The Bone Yard – Just what is that dog digging up?

Electronic reading devices have given new life to the short story and with collections like this available it’s easy to see why they are finding a market. They make ideal lunch time or commute reading, only trouble is 
sometimes they are just too short.

Malmborg is one of the gutsiest writers around and he’s fast becoming one of my favourite authors.

Head over to for more information on his work and lots of other cool stuff.

Ric’s Rating: Highly Recommended.    

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