Monday 4 June 2012

Film: The Angels' Share

A group of low level criminals embark on their sentence of “community payback” in this Glasgow comedy from veteran director Ken Loach.

Robbie (Paul Brannigan) is a new Dad and desperate to leave his troubled past behind but circumstances and rivals often drag him back into criminal activity. While carrying out his community payback the group foreman (John Henshaw) introduces Robbie to whisky and he quickly learns of a very valuable cask that’s about to be sold. With the help of his friends he sets out to acquire some of the whisky in an attempt to make some quick money.

The first quarter of the film has the typical depressing feel of many films set in Glasgow but thankfully the tone shifts and we are treated to a hilarious caper comedy. Writer Paul Laverty has perfectly captured the language used by many in the city to hilarious effect but it’s strictly for those not easily offended.

Début actor Paul Brannigan is fantastic in the leading role, he handles the serious side of the character of Robbie perfectly and also excels when the laughs kick in. Excellent support comes from John Henshaw and the rest of the cast are brilliant too.

Sadly the films strength may also be its weakness. It is such a very Scottish tale that it might not travel well. That being said this is undoubtedly the best Scottish comedy since Gregory’s Girl and bears many similarities to that films predecessor, That Sinking Feeling.

The Angel’s Share is in UK cinemas now.

Ric’s Rating: Essential.    


  1. would love to see this one, Ken Loach is often great. He was in my city a few years ago when he received a lifetime achievement award at our Palic Film Festival which is currently in session again, this time the award goes to Jean Marc Barr.

  2. It's really funny Dez, better than I expected.


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