Wednesday 1 August 2012

Book: The Wrong Man by Jason Dean

Former soldier and bodyguard James Bishop finds himself framed for murder and sent to prison in the exciting debut thriller from Jason Dean.

Determined to clear his name Bishop plans a daring prison break and once he’s outside the walls he begins to track down those responsible for setting him up.

Aided by a group of unlikely allies which includes computer hackers, a helicopter pilot and a safecracker, Bishop’s quest takes him back to his old team and uncovers a secret that reaches right to the heart of the US government.

This novel reminded me a lot of the brilliant tv show Prison Break and successfully recreated the frantic pace which that possessed. Bishop is a likeable character and as this is the first in a series I expect that he will be developed accordingly.

Anyone who enjoys or has become indifferent to Lee Child’s Jack Reacher books should check out The Wrong Man as this series definitely has the potential to be every bit as popular.

Ric’s Rating: Highly Recommended.     

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