Wednesday 20 March 2013

Film: Detachment

Substitute teacher Henry Barthes (Adrien Brody) arrives at a High School full of rebellious teenagers and attempts to make a difference.

While coping with numerous issues at the school Henry also has to deal with the failing health of his elderly Grand-father and the welfare of young hooker Erica who he befriends during many late night bus rides.

This story has been done many times before (Dangerous Minds, The Principal) but Brody’s performance along with that of the rest of the cast, which includes James Caan, Christina Hendricks and Lucy Liu, elevate this from the pack.

Detachment is a powerful and emotional film but the constant down-at-heel feeling could have been helped by some lighter moments.  The overall mood created is one of despair and I can’t help thinking that it needn’t have been quite so vivid.

Detachment is available everywhere on DVD and is currently showing on Sky Movies in the UK.

Ric’s Rating: Highly Recommended.

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  1. I just don't get out enough...
    I not familiar with this movie! It sounds like a common theme, but it also sounds pretty good.


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