Friday 24 May 2013

Film: White Collar Hooligan 2 : England Away

Following the events of the first film we catch up with Mike Jacobs (Nick Nevern) and his newly pregnant girlfriend (Rita Ramnani) living the good life in Spain under the supervision of the witness protection program.

Things are going so well at their Bar that Mike decides to take a night off and go to a football match. Unfortunately he is soon spotted by someone from the past and the consequences are swift and brutal.

Mike must raise 2 million pounds to save himself and his family. Along the way he bumps into his old friend Eddie (Simon Philips) and the pair soon hatch a plan that just might work.

There is hardly any football violence here so don't go into it expecting anything akin to Green Street. This a smart crime / revenge thriller that even manages to throw in some touches of humour and an informative recap means you don't have to have seen the first film to enjoy this one.

Writer Director Paul Tanter remains loyal to many actors from his previous films (The Fall Of The Essex Boys, Jack Falls) and this pays off as the on screen chemistry between them all helps elevate this above the standard London geezer type film.

White Collar Hooligan 2 : England Away is another reason why we shouldn't all rush to see the latest Hollywood dross featuring a "big star". Available on DVD now.

For more reviews and an interview with the man himself click the Nick Nevern label.

Ric's Rating : Highly Recommended 

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