Thursday 7 April 2011

A - Z Challenge: F

F is for.........................Free Jimmy.

I don't really need to add anything to this fantastic tagline:

"Four stoners, three gangsters, five vegans and a million reasons to free one junkie Elephant"

This madcap animated movie for adults features the voice talent of Woody Harrelson, Simon Pegg and Jim Broadbent.

Highly recommended if you fancy something a bit different.


  1. Nice to meet you through the A-Z challenge :) Hope to see you around! :)

  2. Awesome! And I love taglines!

    I'm not sure if you're familiar with the Totally Rad Show, but they do this nifty little "tagline takedown" segment every once in a while. It's entertaining and insightful. Anyway, cool blog. I'm following!

  3. The tagline made me laugh but uh... think I'll pass on this one. :) Knowing me, I probably wouldn't "get it". Love these reviews, though!

  4. You too Bz, thanks for visiting.

    Matt, welcome to the blog. Glad you liked that one. I'll have to look up the Totally Rad Show.

    Jennifer, you never know you might get it. Glad you like the reviews.Thanks.

  5. I love your concise reviews. You give a lot of information with few words.
    Perhaps you will review a real crime book?

  6. Click the crime fiction label Doreen. Plenty to choose from there, hopefully you'll enjoy the reviews.

  7. This film interests me. I once had a dream about my boss, who was called Jimmy. His face floated through the ether towards me. My friends have never let me forget it. I hope this film isn't about my ex-boss. I think he's retired now so who knows, maybe he's gone into the motion picture industry *shudder*

  8. Ed, the dream sounds interesting but I'm sure this Jimmy is completely different although he might also cause strange dreams.

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