Thursday 5 February 2015

Film: Big Hero 6

Young Hiro’s dreams of joining Nerd School (his term for a top level scientific learning facility) literally go up in smoke when a fire destroys the building and leaves him mourning the loss of his brother.

However, his brother’s invention, a robotic health assistant named Baymax, lives on and soon becomes his best friend and ally as he searches for those responsible.

Baymax is excellent as the hapless hero and the duo quickly recruit additional members to their team.

This animated feature manages to explore the complicated issue of grief without becoming too bogged down and always remembers to be child friendly and fun.

Great comic sequences, fantastic action scenes and a touching story make this  a must see for kids of all ages.

Ric’s Rating: Highly Recommended.   


  1. I really enjoyed it, but for some reason, it didn't stay with me.

  2. Loads of fun Alex and the beginning of another franchise no doubt.


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