Sunday 24 May 2015

Film: Greyhawk

Mal is a blind war veteran who meanders through life on a daily dose of alcohol, tobacco and the services of local sex workers. The only positive he has is his relationship with Quince, his guide dog.

When Mal’s army compensation comes through he decides that it’s time for a fresh start for him & Quince and he immediately makes plans to leave the dour Greyhawk estate where they live.

Unfortunately the pair are separated during a routine game of fetch and Mal finds himself alone and vulnerable, but determined to find his loyal companion.

After an excellent start this intriguing tale of one man and his dog becomes just another trawl through the type of tough council estate that we are all pretty used to seeing in urban thrillers nowadays. On his travels Mal encounters a variety of characters, some good and some downright nasty.

Alec Newman (A Lonely Place To Die) is excellent as the former soldier who refuses to give up on his only friend but the procession of surly tracksuit wearing street thugs does become slightly tedious. Some relief does come in the form of Zoe Telford as Paula, a long suffering Mother who does her best to help.

Greyhawk is available on DVD in the UK from 25th May 2015.

Ric’s Rating: Good 

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