Saturday 26 September 2009

TV: Six Degrees

This American drama of inter-twining lives in New York failed to find an audience in the USA and was pulled from the schedules after only 8 of the 13 episodes had been aired.
In the UK, ITV screened all 13 episodes but the show was given a ghastly time slot. This was a real shame because it is a highly entertaining drama that unusually doesn’t feature cops or any great degree of violence, I suppose that explains why it failed in the U.S, wait a minute, there were no hospitals either so I suppose it was fighting a losing battle all along.
Hostel’s Jay Hernandez plays Carlos, a young Public Defender who meets the enigmatic Mae (Erika Christensen) after she is arrested. The relationship between the two serves to connect some of the others in the series.
Meanwhile photographer Stephen Caseman (Campbell Scott) just wants a second chance in both his personal and professional life after battling to overcome his addictions. This role was intended for William Hurt but Campbell Scott delivers an excellent performance as the talented Caseman attempting to get his life back on track.
Other characters, who all connect somehow, include Laura (Hope Davis) who is dealing with the death of her husband, Whitney(Bridget Moynahan) a successful businesswoman who has a troubled personal life and Damien(Dorian Missick) the ex – con trying to redeem himself.
Terrific performances all round and a quality script help to deliver a great grown-up drama that could easily have continued into a second series if more people had tuned in. Worth seeking out if it ever gets repeated or crops up on DVD.

Rick’s Rating: 83%


  1. Sounds great, Rick. Refreshing to hear of a series that doesnt rely on crime, mystery, hospitals, the movie/entertainment industry or mismatched flatmates. I imagine this type of programme would be more popular outside of the US but,as its already been cancelled, we may not get that opportunity. I will keep an eye out for it though.

  2. Yes, America doesn't seem too keen on dramas outside of any of the categories you mention. That being said there are still some good American dramas on the go, reviews of some of them will be coming soon.


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