Monday 16 November 2009

DVD: Blood And Bone

Michael Jai White (Spawn, Exit Wounds) takes the leading role in this
fighting extravaganza.

Isiah Bone (White) finds that illegal street fighting earns him a quick buck on his release from prison and it also lets him get close to someone who needs taught a lesson.

The story, keeping a jailhouse promise, is secondary to the action as White demonstrates his considerable martial arts skills and physical prowess.

Featuring cameos by real life fighters Kimbo Slice and Bob Sapp this is an
undemanding Saturday night beer and take away movie that fans of any
type of action flick will enjoy.

Rick's rating: 65%


  1. Thought this was a pretty good action flick! Jai White should do more movies like this and Black Dynamite.

  2. There is a short Mortal Kombat movie that Jai White is in Ty, you should check it out, it's on youtube.

  3. I really enjoy4ed this one. A great use of the Lionheart paradigm-- if there is such a thing as the "Lionheart paradigm"...


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