Sunday 1 November 2009

Film: Saw VI

Detective Hoffman (Costas Mandylor) carries out Jigsaw's dying wishes
in the latest installment of this franchise.

Fast paced right from the opening sequence this one doesn't let up and it is better than no.5 as more flashbacks reveal aspects of John Kramer's life leading up to him becoming Jigsaw.

The game this time involves an unscrupulous health insurance salesman who must survive each trap in order to reach his family.

Tobin Bell turns in another good performance as the cancer stricken Kramer but the amount of flashbacks and the timeline does get a bit confusing.

Box Office returns and Tobin Bell himself suggest that there is more to come from this story so look out for Saw VII next year.

Recommended if you liked any of the other movies but I'd advise starting at the beginning and watching them all for the story to make sense.

Rick's Rating: 71%

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