Friday 2 April 2010

Book: Fragment by Warren Fahy

It all starts off surprisingly well as Nell Duckworth (no relation to Jack & Vera)
and her team of scientists and the tv crew accompanying them decide to venture onto the remote unexplored Hender's Island.

A battle between humans and the super predators of the island follows and we have nice character development with Geoffrey Biswanger and Thatcher Redmond, scientists with opposing views and values.

Unfortunately the final third is where it all goes wrong as the book descends into predictable sentimentality and the creatures get more and more bizarre.

Mr Fahy would have done well to stick to the action and gory elements of the story and a different ending would have left an altogether more satisfying feeling instead of the Deary Me one that the schmaltziness of the ending creates.

Ric's Rating: 41%

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