Thursday 8 April 2010

TV Show: Castle

America's latest police procedural show arrived on UK screens last
night. The little known Alibi channel has pulled off a coup here as this show deserves to be every bit as popular as it's similar rival The Mentalist.

Nathan Fillion is Richard Castle, a successful crime novelist who, thanks to friends in high places, gets to ride shotgun with NYPD Homicide Detective Kate Beckett (Satna Katic).
Bringing an alternative viewpoint he is able to help the cops with their most tricky cases.

In the pilot episode the duo must solve a spate of killings based around stories in Castle's books.

The show is good, light hearted fun that often plays for laughs despite the grim subject matter and Castle's home life proves to be just as challenging as working with the police. He has his teenage daughter (Molly Quinn) and aging actress Mother (Susan Sullivan) to contend with.

All cast members have great chemistry and seem to be enjoying their work.

Give it a try.

Ric's Rating: 74%


  1. damn, I meant to watch this last night. Looks interesting. Surely they'l repeat it.

  2. Not sure Michael but even if they don't it won't be difficult to catch up.

  3. Eh, I just miss Nathan Fillion in FIREFLY, and Stana Katic is actually from my country by origin :)

  4. Hi Dezmond,
    I never saw Firefly but heard good things about it.
    Stana does you proud !

  5. Castle is very entertaining! It makes great use of Nathan Fillion's goofy, easy-going charm. Stana Katic is incredibly lovely and plays a great police detective. I also really enjoy Castle's family and the rest of the detectives, like Ryan and Espesito.

  6. Castle is a great show! Excellent chemistry between the whole cast and most of the plots are interesting.

  7. Yep, I've just returned to it Ty. Three seasons in and still going strong.

  8. I love that show and thanks for all your work doing the reviews.

  9. No probs Gary, thanks for stopping by.


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