Saturday 15 May 2010

Published Reviews !

Can you believe it?

I've actually had some reviews published in a magazine.

If you're in the UK you can pick up the latest edition of DVD & Blu ray Review in the shops now where you will find my brief reviews of:

Gutter King - Young delinquent gets involved in street fighting.

Pimp - A week in the life of a London pimp.

Mutants - French horror movie.

The Advocates - Scottish tv drama.

The rest of the magazine isn't half bad either.

Thanks to Matt Chapman for the opportunity.


  1. Congratulations! Sorry, I live in the wrong country - can any of them be viewed online instead?

  2. Thanks Alex,
    Unfortunately no, they keep all the reviews in the mag but this place is where I'll continue to post reviews on allsorts.

  3. Good man, Ricky. Congratulations.

  4. Thanks a lot Michael,
    Not sure how much will come of it but it's a toe in the door.

  5. Cheers Dez,
    If you guys didn't visit and read the reviews I most likely wouldn't have tried.

  6. Really enjoying this site, it's refreshing to read movie reviews without the usual pretentiousness. I just stumbled across it while 'googling'. More power to you. I haven't read that magazine but if it's got this kinda writing I might just give it a go...

  7. Hi There,
    Thanks for that, hope you stick around.

  8. Well done on getting published !!


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