Monday 10 May 2010

Film: A Nightmare On Elm Street

Jackie Earle Haley dons the iconic Freddy Krueger garb in this remake of the 1984 Wes Craven shocker.

Ok, if you don't know the story here's the basics. A group of teenagers all have nightmares featuring a disfigured man with knives for fingers. Trouble is, if you get killed in the dream you die for real.

Haley does his best as Krueger but he doesn't bring out the character's sinister charisma in the same way that Robert Englund did. What he does do is return the to the evil roots that got lost along the way in the countless sequels to the original that descended into comedy horror.

There are some good scenes and one or two unexpected moments but this is mostly a scene for scene remake aimed at an audience with no memory of the original.

That's not to say that it isn't good fun for horror fans. The story remains powerful and compelling and all involved deliver decent performances although I feel a bit for Haley because after his show stealing turn in Watchmen and now this, he must be wondering when he'll next get a part that doesn't involve wearing a mask.

Ric's Rating: 58%


  1. Great review !! I want to see the moview now. Loved Haley in Watchmen !

  2. Thanks Tom. Yes he was the best character in Watchmen by some way. He is decent enough here too.

  3. I must admit, Freddy still scares me :)

  4. Hi Dezmond,
    He is still a great character, all the better that this one isn't played for laughs.

  5. I still remember seeing the original in the theater - think I'll keep that memory!

  6. it took me years and years to stop being afraid from the dark in my childhood, thanks to uncle Freddy :) No Jasons, no Frankensteins, no Draculas, could ever scare me as Freddy knew how.

  7. This isn't too bad Alex, in fact it's made me want to re-visit the original.
    Dezmond, Salem's Lot was the one that freaked me out as a kid, I was terrified at the thought of a vampire at my bedroom window at night.

  8. I have high expectations for this!! Thanks for the review Rick!


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