Saturday 22 May 2010

Book: Gone Tomorrow by Lee Child

Having recently mentioned Jack Reacher in another review (Contagious by
Scott Sigler) I thought I'd better check in with the man himself.

Reacher, a former Military Policeman, now spends his time drifting from place to place inevitably getting caught up in all sorts of mayhem along the way.

Lee Child has created a splendid character and the series has been ongoing for some time now making this hard to recommend for newcomers.

This time out Reacher witnesses a suicide on the New York subway and finds himself caught up in the investigation that follows. This moves along nicely, but it's a jog rather than a sprint, as Reacher finds out who the bad guys are and sets about taking them down.

The attraction of Lee Child's books is Reacher himself, he's a guy who is confident in his own ability, even veering towards cockiness, but he does it in a cool style that leaves you imagining you'd be just like him if you had his skill set yourself.

Recommended if you're already a fan but if you're new to Lee Child (and Reacher) start with Killing Floor or The Visitor, the two best books in the series.

Ric's Rating: 69%


  1. I've not read his books - guess I'd better start at beginning!

  2. Killing Floor is the first one Alex so if you like the sound of them I suppose that's the best place to start. Reacher investigates the death of his brother in it.

  3. Always a good read. Killing Floor will get you hooked.

  4. The Visitor is my fave in the series. Predictable but still fantastic.


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