Saturday, 3 December 2011

Film: The Flight Before Christmas

When impetuous young reindeer Niko unwittingly leads wolves to his herd he decides they would be better off without him so he sets off on a quest to find his Father, one of Santa’s famous flying reindeer.

Along the way he is joined by Julius the flying squirrel and Wilma the weasel, together they embark on the seemingly impossible journey to Santa’s Fell, but the wolves are close behind.

This beautifully animated film is a festive treat for both kids and adults. It has charming characters and nice moments of humour but the trio’s journey isn’t without peril.

The Flight Before Christmas is an ideal movie to enjoy with the kids as we approach the festivities, it’s available on DVD in the UK now courtesy of Metrodome.

Ric's Rating: 71%


  1. It looks so cute! I love animated features, especially Christmas ones, so I'll definitely check it out. ;)

  2. Is it cell animation or CGI?
    Saw Arthur Christmas yesterday. Aardman Animations makes some of the best animated films and definitely the best stop-motion.

  3. Ordinary cell animation Alex, very nice to look at.

  4. awwwww,Ricks, it's nice seeing you have a softer side in filmviewing too :PP

  5. Thanks Dez. I usually watch these kind of films with my little girl.......but she was out today!!


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