Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Film: Territories

When a group of travellers are pulled over by cops for a seemingly routine check they soon discover that these guys aren’t cops and this is anything but ordinary.

They are taken deep into the woods and subjected to a series of tortures typical of those employed against various terrorist suspects in recent years

It soon emerges that one of the captors is a veteran soldier who spent time working with detainees at the notorious Guantanamo Bay.

A tense opening half hour soon becomes a plodding unpleasant affair with few redeeming features. A cool P.I turning up to get to the bottom of the group’s disappearance provides little relief from the gloom.

Rather pointless really.

Ric’s Rating: 40%


  1. You provide a good service, Ricky - taking one for the team. I shall avoid this one.

  2. No probs Michael. I had hopes for this one....but they were dashed.


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