Sunday 14 October 2012

Film: Sinister

A struggling true crime writer moves his family into the house that previously belonged to the family that he is writing about. They were found hanged in the back garden...and their young daughter is missing.

Billed as a “terrifying horror” this actually begins an interesting murder investigation story. Ethan Hawke (Training Day) is fine as the desperate author striving for success and much of the film relies heavily on his portrayal of a man absorbed into something darker than he imagined.

Unfortunately what could have been a fantastic serial-killer movie becomes a silly story of Ghouls and the occult which goes on to present the most hackneyed character in horror films of recent years, the scary kid.

Ric’s Rating: Dodgy   


  1. I'll try this...on DVD. Unless it has a huge story to tell and mind blowing f/x, I wait. 12 dollars for one movie is too much for the most part.

    They do seem to be presenting an awful lot of creepy kids lately.

  2. I almost saw it this weekend but opted for Argo instead. Looks like I made a wise choice.

  3. I'm always worrying when a horror movie trailer is very graphic and visually impressive. Often means it's more show than content. It tries to look scary instead of being.

  4. Thanks for the comments guys. Melissa I'm totally fed up with so called scary kids, it worked in The Ring but hasn't since. Alex, glad to hear your happy you gave it a miss. Ben, the trailer worked for me, I had hopes for it and it was good for around 40 mins or so.


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