Wednesday 24 March 2010

DVD: Long Weekend

More like an eternity as we join Jim Caviezel (The Count Of Monte Cristo) trying to save his marriage on a romantic getaway.

These are thoroughly loathsome characters and I was wishing a grisly demise for them both within 10 minutes.

The theme of nature fighting back against the damage caused by humans is lost as it just takes too long for anything to happen and when it does you don't care.

There is something compelling about watching a warring couple and the performances are ok, they just can't save the dire material they have to work with.

Give this a miss unless your a big Caviezel fan.

Ric's Rating: 24%


  1. Do you plan on seeing Shutter Island, Ricky? If you haven't read the book - I'm curious to see what your response might be.

  2. Hi Michael,
    Yes I do plan on seeing it so hopefully I'll get a review posted soon. You didn't say too much about it so now you've got me curious.I haven't read the book. I read Dennis Lehane's Gone Baby Gone so long ago that I'd actually forgotten I had read it until while watching the film it was all becoming very familiar, it all flooded back and spoilt the end for me !!

  3. I must admit the only time I really enjoyed Jim Caviezel was in OUTLANDER.

  4. What about Mystic River? Seen the movie/ read the book? I am such a fan of Lehane.

  5. Hi Guys,
    Dezmond,Outlander is on my list to watch, I hope to get round to it shortly. I thought he was excellent in The Count Of Monte Cristo.

    Michael,I loved the Mystic River movie but haven't read the book. Any particular Lehane recommendation?

  6. Dezmond - I thought Cavieziel was effective in The Passion - the problem with that movie was...the rest of the movie.

    Ricky - I would rate all of Lehane's books. Probably best to go for one that's not been filned yet. How about the most recent, The Given Day

  7. I couldn't agree more with you Michael :)

  8. I remember reading a review that put me off watching The Passion: "The tenth time you see Jesus falling into the dirt in slow motion, it kind of loses it's impact."

    Although Gibson did go on to make Apocalypto which is fantastic.


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