Sunday 7 March 2010

Film: The Crazies

Timothy Olyphant (Deadwood) and Rhada Mitchell (Pitch Black) star in
this remake of a little known George A Romero film.

It all kicks off when local cop Olyphant is forced to shoot and kill a gun weilding, seemingly drunk, mechanic.

More and more townsfolk begin to show symptoms of some strange zombie like disease when the military move in and start rounding everybody up.

What follows is an enjoyably frantic fight for survival amongst total chaos and both Olyphant and Mitchell deliver good performances and are supported well by Joe Anderson as the deputy.

Some well placed moments of humour amidst all the carnage add to the feeling of desperation but this is no comedy horror, the humour simply depicts ordinary people reacting with wit and sarcasm in a very surreal situation.

Recommended to all horror and thriller fans.

Ric's Rating: 79%


  1. Well, I havent seen this yet but after reading your review which includes a pretty comprehansive account of the plot, I think I have to make a point of catching it.

  2. For a "zombie" film, this is highly entertaining.
    Olyphant has a new TV show called Justified which has just started in the U.S.


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