Saturday, 6 March 2010

DVD: Triangle

Melissa George (Amytiville Horror, Paradise Lost) stars in
this horror/mystery type thriller.

She plays a single mother struggling to cope with her autistic young son who decides to treat herself to a day sailing with some friends.

After a slow start this film becomes very interesting as people begin to be bumped off and we are thrown into a very strange environment indeed.
Unfortunately it all becomes a bit muddled and leads to a rather silly ending.

This film borrows heavily from Memento and could have been so much better if a true purpose to it all was revealed.

A big surprising consolation is that this shows that Melissa George can actually act, she delivers a good performance and should now go for some serious parts instead of all these dodgy horrors.

Ric's Rating: 51%


  1. I found the whole thing very confusing and the plot contained more holes than my Granny's cardigan ! The suspense was well delivered though and I agree with you that Melissa George turned in an unexpectedly good peformance.

  2. Yeah, it was a good idea that went nowhere. Just watch Memento instead, after you buy your Granny a needle & thread !


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