Saturday 24 July 2010

DVD: Defendor

Woody Harrelson playing a hapless super-hero, great comedy right?
Wrong. There are some laughs in this movie but there is much more to it.

Harrelson plays Arthur Poppington, a man with a troubled past who transforms himself into Defendor to avenge a wrongdoing that he doesn't fully understand.

More a morality play and social commentary than a drama or comedy Harrelson captivates as the fearless Arthur who sets out to get the bad guys but refuses to use guns.

Excellent support comes in the form of Elias Koteas as a dodgy cop, Kat Dennings as a hooker who befriends Arthur and Homicide: Life On The Street's Clark Johnson as the police captain.

Ric's Rating: 76%


  1. I like Harrelson as an actor - I'll check it out.

  2. Hi Alex,

    It's hard for me to say you'll like it for sure but I'd be keen to know what you think.


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