Sunday 4 July 2010

DVD: Feed

This DVD had been collecting dust on my shelf for quite a while
as I'd never seemed to be in the right frame of mind to give it a try. I shouldn't have waited so long as it's a decent little film.

Internet Detective Phil Jackson (Patrick Thompson) discovers a website that shows grossly obese women literally being fed to death by a tattooed man.

The quest to track down this man turns into a creepy game of cat & mouse as the two exploit each other's weaknesses.

Far better filmed (nice use of colours) and acted (Patrick Thompson and Alex O'Loughlin are excellent) than I expected but this won't be to everyone's taste as there are some pretty nasty themes going on.

If that doesn't put you off then give it a try.

Recommended if you liked Hostel and Seven.

Ric's Rating: 73%


  1. Love that you pick out these relatively obscure films, and I did LOVE hostel and seven! thanks for that

  2. Thank you. I do try to step away from the Hollywood blockbusters at times. Sounds like you'd enjoy this one.


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