Sunday 14 November 2010

Film: Saw 3D

The Saw series comes to an end (supposedly) in this, the 7th installment.

First things first, they should have called the film Saw 7 even if they did insist on the pointless 3D which adds nothing, the novelty value is minimal as the 3D it'self is pretty poor.

Cary Elwes makes a welcome return as Dr Gordon from the fantastic first movie but his presence just made me wish for a much better film than the one we have here.

It follows Detective Hoffman (Costas Mandylor) as he continues his now distorted mission to fulfill Jigsaw's legacy.

There is enough on show to keep fans reasonably happy. Tobin Bell makes his customary appearances via flashback and there are plenty of gory and inventive traps, including one in a very public place.

On the whole though this installment sees the series go out in a rather predictable whimper not the unexpected bang I was hoping for.

Ric's Rating: 55%

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