Saturday 6 November 2010

Ric Recommends: District 13

This French action film stars Cyril Rafaelli (Die Hard 4) and David Belle as cop and criminal who team up to track down a nuclear bomb. Featuring some amazing free running and action scenes this film has been imitated many times, notably by Casino Royale's opening scene but nothing comes close. The theme is pretty close to the John Carpenter classic Escape From New York but that kind of imitation I can live with.

Highly recommended for action fans.


  1. Agreed, Ricky this was an enjoyable film. The follow up is good too. Doesn't quite hit the same mark as the first one, but good fun nonetheless.

  2. Hi Michael, Yeah the sequel is a decent follow-up but not as much fun as the original. The two leads make a great double act.


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