Thursday 18 November 2010

Preview: Ashes by Matthew Crow

Legend Press have provided me with a copy of Ashes by Matthew Crow for review.
It sounds like it'll be up my street:
A lawless land of violence and deprivation, The Meadow Well Estate is a no-go area for police and non-residents alike and a hotbed of ritual violence. No-one dares enter of their own accord, and few make it out alive. But Jack was one of the good ones. Recently released from prison, he is determined to turn his life completely around: by getting out.
When, however, rumours spark of the police's involvement in the death of two young joy riders,the anxieties of the estate flare into a week-long riot, causing burnt out wrecks at every turn and capturing the attention of the local and national media. Can Jack resist the call of the indiscriminate fury, or will the desperation of Meadow Well claim him once more?
Check back soon for a full review but in the meantime check the Legend Press website for more info.

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