Monday 22 August 2011

DVD: Iron & Blood: The Legend Of Taras Bulba

Join the Russian Braveheart as he wages war with Poland and……his own son.

As the title suggests Taras Bulba is a Russian legend, the authenticity of the story is a little vague but it’s based on a book first published in 1835 that claims to be founded in truth, although it all feels overly romanticized to me. More Beowulf than Braveheart perhaps?

Bulba joins his sons, Ostap and Andriy, as they march on Poland but unbeknown to the old warhorse one of them is in love with a Polish noblewoman. Andriy soon defects and joins the Poles in the fight against his own people.

This isn’t the place to start if you aren’t already used to foreign language films, the idiosyncrasies can be a bit off-putting, but if subtitles don’t deter you then it’s an enjoyable tale of love and war that features a fine performance from Bohdan Stupka as the irrepressible Bulba.

Made in 2008 it’s just arrived on DVD in the UK courtesy of Metrodome.

Ric’s Rating: 64%


  1. I prefer subtitles to dubbing anyway. Will look for this on NetFlix.

  2. TARAS BULBA is actually one of my favourite novels and I love Gogol. I will have to try to find this film, since the old Hollywood version with Toni Curtis and Yul Briner was really bad.

  3. Interesting choice here, Ricky. Did you get this at your local blockbuster?

  4. I'm with you on that Alex, I can't watch a dubbed film.
    Dez, I'm impressed, I had no knowledge of this before I saw the film.
    It was a review copy from the cool folks at Metrodome Michael.

  5. Dubbed is always kinda funny to watch! :x

  6. Looks interesting. Will have to check this out.


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