Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Film: Horrible Bosses

After years of dedication and hard work Nick (Jason Bateman) has lost out on the promotion he craved.
Dale (Charlie Day) is being sexually harassed by the dentist he works for and Kurt (Jason Sudeikis) can’t stand to see the drug addicted Bobby (Colin Farrell) in charge of the company he loves.

With the help of Jamie Foxx as the fantastically named Mother-Fucker Jones the trio decide to kill each others bosses.

This is a riot from start to finish and all cast members seem to be having a great time. Jennifer Aniston as the sexually charged dentist, Kevin Spacey as the slimy CEO and Colin Farrell as the coke snorting nunchuck wielding Bobby, who sports the best comedy comb-over since Bill Murray’s in Kingpin, all ham it up gloriously while Charlie Day provides the most laughs of the three employees with his impressive turn as the panicky dental assistant.

Full of fantastic one-liners and brilliant set-pieces (breaking into Bobby’s house is a highlight) this is the comedy of the year so far.

Ric’s Rating: 84%


  1. I almost saw this in the theater! (Don't remember what I went to see instead.)

  2. I caught the last showing at my local cinema Alex, glad I did.

  3. I did want to see this! Comedy is usually comedy to me, just make me giggle it up & well entertained & I'm good!

  4. Saw it last week, will review it soon. Charlie Day was really good in it. Major surprise since I didn't know him at all before.

    I agree that the break-in to Bobby's house was hilarious

  5. It's worth catching on dvd Zena.

    I didn't know him either Ben but he stole the show. Look forward to your review.


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