Tuesday 8 November 2011

Short Story: Rowan's Folly by Darren Sant

The third instalment of the Longcroft series brings us a violent tale of lust and revenge as electrician Andy Rowan succumbs to temptation in the shapely form of thug Shane Cullen’s daughter, but her Dad isn’t Rowan’s biggest worry.

Meanwhile a pair of gormless burglars pick the wrong house to rob.

This is the longest of the short story series so far and it pays off bigtime. Darren Sant has introduced a fine blend of characters, many of which I suspect we haven’t heard the last of.

Each story leaves me hungry for more and I can’t wait to visit the Longcroft estate again.

Interestingly the author has invited submissions for the fourth instalment. Head over to http://www.santsrants.blogspot.com/ for more information.

Ric’s Rating: 74%

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