Tuesday 8 November 2011

Short Story: I Should have Seen It Coming by Victoria Watson

An ordinary office worker loses her job and stumbles across an old pack of tarot cards in another short sharp dose of fiction from Victoria Watson.

Gradually she learns the tarot and becomes Jacqueline Stargazer, a sought after party guest, but when psychic night bookings begin she delivers some advice that has tragic consequences.

This is really all about how someone’s life can change after losing their job and its thought provoking stuff that remains entertaining throughout.

These Trestle Press short stories make ideal lunch break reading, it’s nice to be able to complete a tale in a short period of time and anyone lacking the discipline or attention span required for novels should give them a try.

Ric’s Rating: 67%


  1. Nice one, Ricky. Don't you think that e-readers are giving short stories a whole new lease of life? Just a shame I don't write them.

  2. I'll have to check out more of their books!

  3. It's bringing them to market anyway Michael and helping broaden my horizons, maybe you should give it a go.
    They are a cool small publisher Alex.


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