Sunday 20 November 2011

Short Film: Jenny Ringo And The Monkey's Paw

When his hardworking flatmate goes on holiday a slacker must fend for himself but while out on a shopping trip he encounters a strange magician.

Granted three wishes and without the guidance of his sensible friend he makes selfish choices, with troublesome results.

Chris Regan's short film works well when it sticks to the basic idea of "be careful what you wish for" and he also gets good performances from the cast.

Unfortunately it all gets a bit silly when the wished for "friends" begin showing alien type characteristics and the aforementioned magician bursts into song.

All involved show bags of potential and you can find out more about Chris and his other projects at

Ric's Rating: 50%


  1. Sounds like the title (which I kind of love) was the best thing about the movie! Great review, Ricky.

  2. It was going well until the silliness started Jennifer.


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