Monday, 20 February 2012

TV: Homeland

Damian Lewis, star of the very under-rated tv cop show Life, returns to our screens in this Showtime drama series which premiered in the UK last night.

Lewis is Nicholas Brody, an American soldier rescued after almost ten years as a POW. Brody returns to a Hero’s welcome but CIA analyst Carrie Matheson (Claire Danes) suspects that he has been turned and his loyalties now lie with the terrorists who held him captive.

This is gripping stuff which is very relevant in today’s society. Lewis is excellent as the troubled war veteran and Danes is even better as the maverick analyst who has her own secrets.

Mandy Patinkin (The Princess Bride) appears as Matheson’s mentor and tv favourite Morena Baccarin (V remake, The Mentalist) is Brody’s wife, a woman who has lived her life believing her husband to be dead.

A great story and first class performances make this must-see tv.

Ric’s Rating: Essential


  1. Dying to watch this, don't get the pay channels. Will have to wait for DVD. Heard amazing things about this show.

  2. I adore Damian Lewis, but I don't and won't watch anything with war veterans and American soldiers and marines.

  3. Ty, it looks like it'll be worth the wait for the DVD.

    Dez, this is top quality but if the genre is a no go area for you then I doubt you'd enjoy it.


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