Wednesday 1 February 2012

Film: Hostel Part III

The latest instalment of the kidnap & torture franchise cleverly switches the action to Las Vegas as we join a bunch of guys on a Stag weekend.

Lured by beautiful women they head off to the seedier parts of town and soon find themselves bundled into the back of a van before waking up in huge cages.
They are then selected one by one to be the star attraction in a gruesome show staged by the Elite Hunting Club.

Although this clearly doesn’t have the budget of the first two films it’s slightly better than the lacklustre part 2. The Las Vegas setting adds impetus to events and a cool twist towards the end helps maintain interest.

While it isn’t anywhere close to the fantastic original this does manage to entertain fans of the series.

Hostel Part III is available on DVD now.

Ric’s Rating: 62%


  1. Ricky, I agree with your review. It was passable. :)

  2. Happy to see this is somewhat tolerable Haha...will check it out!

    Part 2 was ridiculous...especially the part where all the weirdos are bidding on the women in the Hostel.

  3. Hi Guys,
    Yep, it isn't great but it's ok and better than part 2.


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