Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Book: The Failed by Jim Bronyaur

Dr Romen believes he has found the cure to all diseases with his new wonder drug. The D8-C10 virus works by regenerating dead cells consequently curing the patient. Unfortunately everyone who tries the drug dies from the effects……then it begins to work.

The dead come back to life and they are mere shadows of the people they once were. Consumed by the D8-C10 they become the shuffling husks we all know as zombies.

Following the explanation of the outbreak this book quickly becomes a tale of human endeavour amidst the surrounding carnage.

A frightened young girl attempts to convince her parents of the “monsters” outside.
A long haul trucker and his dog hear strange noises coming from their load and two quarrelling pilots begin to suspect their cargo isn’t what it seems.

This is an exciting fight for survival as we follow the characters through various hazardous situations until the remaining few meet up and decide to face the horde in a heroic last-stand battle.

The Failed is a quick easy read that will please fans of the genre but also contains enough emotion and excitement to reach beyond horror. If you like your fiction to be simultaneously fast paced, touching and terrifying then give it a try.

Ric’s Rating: Highly Recommended


  1. I'm definitely going to give this a go. Maybe you can help me, Rick - I'm looking for a book and/or film to scare the socks off me. To genuinely scare me, you know, like the way you felt scared when you were younger and had secretly watched The Evil Dead. Do you think such a thing exists for the more hard-bitten and cynical among us? I don't remember the last time I felt genuinely freaked out by a book or film. Can you advise? (love the new look blog, by the way)

  2. Pangazer, have you ever watched Smallville? As well as being easily the best thing on TV it can also provide blood curdling scares. I don't know how they manage to get it below the watershed. My mum has tried to ban it but she's not the boss of me! What do you think, Rick?

  3. Good question Pangazer as things like that are hard to come by but you should try the book Still Bleeding by Steve Mosby and the movie The Excorcism Of Emily Rose, both really creepy.

    Stache, I've never watched Smallville, I always assumed it was for teenagers so I can't comment.

  4. Thanks for the tip, Rick. Stache, I have to agree with Rick on Smallville, I thought it was for teenage girls. But what do I know...


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