Sunday, 15 April 2012

Film: The Cabin In The Woods

Five friends head off to a remote cabin for a weekend break but all is not what it seems.

From the beginning the audience is made aware of the presence of people watching the group, the whole cabin is rigged with cameras and certain events are engineered, but their purpose is not clear.

This has been hailed as something special, it isn’t. What it is, is an interesting twist on a traditional lost in the woods type movie. For two thirds of the film I was annoyed by the presence of the watchers, I would have been happy with a Friday The 13th type scenario although I couldn’t help but groan when the “zombie rednecks” appeared. What saves this film is the fantastic gung-ho finale when all hell breaks loose, literally.

The cast all perform well and there is a surprising appearance by Chris Hemsworth, almost unrecognisable from his recent turns as Thor.

The Cabin In The Woods is silly and at times frustrating but it still manages to be good fun.

Ric’s Rating: Good


  1. This is a very bizarre, very silly, semi-poignant, smartly written, and absorbing film that caught me by surprise almost every time it brought out a twist. With all the complaints we hear about Hollywood being out of original ideas it’s a breath of fresh air when a film like this comes along and unexpectedly takes your breath away. Good review Ric.

  2. Thanks Dan. Lots of the Big Brother watching type stuff just annoyed me but it all came good in the end.

  3. Great review. Hard to find a good horror these days.

  4. I thought it was excellent. Poked fun at everything.

  5. I watched Source Code the other day and thought I would have been better sticking with the trailer. Know I am prob in the minority with that one, but it just seems the trailers are far more exciting than some of the actual movies these days!

  6. Nice write-up.

    Thought this was a fun homage to horror movies. Lots of interesting ideas. Also its always great to see Richard Jenkins.


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