Sunday 8 April 2012

Film: The Cold Light Of Day

When Will Shaw (Henry Cavill) joins his family on a sailing trip off the Spanish coast he thinks his lost luggage is the biggest worry of the trip. Little does he know he’ll soon be fighting terrorists and shady government agents as he attempts to locate missing family members.

Will heads ashore on a shopping trip but when he returns to the boat it’s like the Marie Celeste. Turns out that Will’s Father (Bruce Willis) isn’t the above board businessman he pretends to be and his actions have brought the bad guys to his family.

This is a typical “ordinary guy caught up in extraordinary events” type film but it’s so over the top that even fans of the genre will be disappointed.

The presence of Bruce Willis and Sigourney Weaver doesn’t help. Willis isn’t on-screen enough and Weaver was decidedly ill-advised to take this part, she looks completely out of place as the ruthless CIA agent.

Ridiculous and unintentionally funny this one isn’t worth anyone’s time and how it got a UK cinema release is beyond me.

Ric’s Rating: Poor


  1. blasphemy! Henrylicious Cavill is always worth our time even when a film is bad :)
    Hope he will be getting some big roles after SUPERMAN and that CHINESE WALL flick he has in plan. Positively adored him in IMMORTALS and TUDORS.

  2. Ha Ha. Even he doesn't save this one Dez!

  3. Good review!

    Looks pretty ridiculous. Will wait to see it at the library. Haha.

  4. oh, as far as I'm informed Henry has shirtless scenes in the film, and as far as I know his pecs could save the world, not only just the film :)


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