Thursday 26 July 2012

Film: The Lorax

Thneedville is a town with no nature. There are no trees, grass, or soil and fresh air is sold by the bottle.

Living in the town is young Ted (Zac Efron) who admires Audrey (Taylor Swift) from afar until he discovers her love for trees. Ted vows to get a tree for Audrey and so begins a journey in which he will encounter The Lorax (Danny DeVito), The Once-ler (Ed Helms) and many other weird & wonderful characters.

This charming animated film is an absolute delight for young kids but there aren’t any “smart” jokes aimed at bored adults. The joy to be had here is to see your children enthralled by an environmentally motivated tale which features some fine voice performances.

DeVito is excellent as The Lorax but Betty White (The Golden Girls) steals the show as Ted’s snowboarding Gran.

The Lorax is in UK cinemas now.

Ric’s Rating: Highly Recommended (for kids of under 8 and their parents/carers)


  1. No kids and not under eight, so probably wouldn't enjoy it. Heard it was very different from the original story as well.

  2. We don't have the same affection for Seuss here in the UK we tend to read the more sinister Roald Dahl books

  3. This movie looks really cute. I'll probably watch it when it finally comes to cable.

  4. I'd probably enjoy it, since I love films without bad language and bad jokes, and plus this one seems rather innocent which is quite rare to find in today's movie world.
    Love the voice cast!
    But I'm with Jas - not on sinister books, but on Seuss not being known that much in Europe.

  5. It's prob not for you Alex.
    Jas, I hadn't heard of The Lorax (or The Grinch) prior to the films so you're right about that.
    It'll make you go "aawww" Jennifer.
    Dez, it's a simple kids film and because of that it works.

    Thanks for the comments guys.


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