Sunday 1 July 2012

Film: Exit Humanity

Its ten years after the American Civil War and upon his return home from a hunting trip Edward Young (Mark Gibson) finds his wife has become one of the walking dead....and his son is missing.

Young eventually decides to go in search of his son. On his travels he meets a fellow survivor and learns of a ruthless General (Bill Moseley of The Devil’s Rejects) who will stop at nothing to find a cure for the unnatural outbreak. Young must deal with all these issues while also attempting to keep a promise.

The Civil War setting is a cool twist in the zombie genre and the story moves along nicely using pages from Young’s journal to illustrate events and Brian Cox provides a smooth narration.

The trouble is we don’t get enough background on Young to ever really care about him and the action often slows to a near standstill.

Cool but lacks excitement.

Exit Humanity is available on DVD in the UK from 2nd July 2012 courtesy of Metrodome.

Ric's Rating: Dodgy     


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